Maple Tree Cabinetmakers was founded upon a core set of simple but important beliefs:

That the spaces around us can shape and enrich our lives.
Our mission is to help our clients create a vision for their living spaces, and to achieve that vision through quality design and construction of cabinetry and furniture.

That those spaces are as diverse as we are.
We specialize in providing a seamless fit from design through installation. Like a fine tailored suit, great cabinetry should accentuate your home's best features and fit your space perfectly. We design and build every project to fit the exact dimensions of your space, fully integrating existing elements like windows, trim details, and room layout with your desired cabinetry needs. Existing conditions combined with your specialized requests become the building blocks for your project.

That high quality shouldn't mean unaffordable.
We design and build with cost in mind. Regardless of your budget, we only provide excellent products, and will do so within your cost constraints.

That design and renovation can - and should - be fun!
We take pride in being a family-run business that is open-minded and collaborative. Working closely with our clients to understand their styles and preferences, we help them focus in on the perfect fit.

That honesty and fairness matter.
Our prices are competitive. We'll provide a fair and accurate quote at the start of the job, which will match the price upon its completion. However, we also recognize that new ideas and different perspectives arise in the course of most construction projects.
We'll work with you to navigate smaller adjustments and provide change orders for larger modifications as they arise.

That our small size and family approach sets us apart.
While larger vendors and construction firms can be inaccessible and impersonal, we are a deliberately small company and we will invest the time to get to know you and your home. We're easy to reach, flexible to schedule, and involved in every aspect of our projects.

That cabinetry and furniture should be built to last.
We stand behind the timeless design and quality construction of our work, which help ensure that your project will age gracefully and provide many years of use.

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